Oil Conditioning Monitoring Testing (OCM)

Oil condition monitoring (OCM) testing predictive maintenance programs help clients avoid costly machinery, engine and power-train failures. Nomad Lubricants OCM tests measure engine oils, lubricating oils, and other fluids for the detection of lubricant engine wear, lubricant quality degradation, and other problems. Oil condition monitoring by Nomad Lubricants laboratories protect our client’s high-value machines, engines, and other systems, reducing expensive downtime.

Operating on a global basis, Nomad Lubricants oil condition monitoring labs offer detailed oil and lube testing results, presented in easy-to-read and understandable reports. The laboratories provide expert oil analysis, including spectrometry, viscosity, dilution, water detection, acid number, base number, particle counting, and microscopy analysis to accurately test lubricant oil samples. 

Oil condition monitoring tests offer early detection for:

    Oil Wear Contamination Testing
    Water content
    Engine wear debris, Insoluble content
    Additive elements
    Wear Metals Testing
    and other factors which can cause premature machinery damage or failure

Used Oil Analysis

Looking after your oil is an essential part of any machinery maintenance. The lubricating oil is often the only thing separating the metal surfaces of your engine, journal, hoists or compressors, and so without it they could not function effectively. Oil analysis should therefore be a priority to any maintenance staff or engineer in order to ensure that all machinery is able to run as smoothly as possible. Further advanced oil analysis equipment solutions are also incredibly valuable for ensuring the continued health of heavy machinery. Not only will this improve machinery efficiency, but it also serves to reduce downtime. This can have a dramatic effect on output and costs, especially when combined with wear debris analysis and other condition monitoring methods.

Toll Blending and Private Labeling

Toll blending is a specialty service we offer where companies can have their batches mixed and processed into a final product for a fee.  Also called custom mixing, or toll manufacturing, this increasingly common service allows a company with a unique formula sends the materials and process information to a specialized company for production, packaging, and in some cases, final delivery.

A private label product can also be manufactured by a contract or third-party manufacturer and sold under your brand name. As the third party, you specify everything about the product – what goes in it, how it’s packaged, what the label looks like.

Special and customized products

Thanks to our R&D and laboratory we can offer tailor made solutions for your very specific application. We can also offer semi-finished products blends for blenders and manufacturers.