Nomad Coolant Long Life Antifreeze Concentrate G13

Available Packs

1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 25L, 208L, Bulk

Nomad Coolant Long Life Antifreeze Concentrate G13 is a concentrate automotive radiator fluid composed of demineralized water, mono ethylene glycol and glycerin and an advanced blend of balanced corrosion inhibitors based on OAT technology. It’s designed to protect the cooling systems of water-cooled petrol engines.


The majority of passenger cars’ and light diesel vehicles’ radiators can use Nomad Coolant. Nomad Coolant is a mix of mono ethylene glycol and glycerin for a liquid cooled crankcase system. It contains anti-corrosion and anti-rust additives based on OAT technology. It is harmless to rubber and does not foam or clog radiators. It must be mixed with water to a concentration of 33% and 50%. NEVER used more than 50%.


• Not ready for use. Must be diluted

• Free of nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates, silicates


Meets and exceeds:

VW/Audi/Seat/Porsche, VW G13; VW G12; MB 325.3; MB 325.5; MB 325.6; MAN 324 Type SNF; ASTM D3306; ASTM D 4656; ASTM D 4985; ASTM D 5345; SAE J814C; SAE J1038; SAE J1941; SAE J1034; Ford WSS M97 B44-D; BMW N600.69.0; Toyota TSK 2601G-8A; G13.

Typical Properties

PARAMETERS UNIT Nomad Coolant G13 100%
Density @ 15°C
Boiling point